Software architecture

We have a strong experience in designing complex, scalable, high-availabily software, capable of handling very large loads. We also have experience in related technologies (clustering, etc.) and in deploying and supporting such software in critical environments.


Developing a solution with strong software security often requires skills that are not always available in a development team. Tokidev can provide consulting on those aspects, from designing a robust, security-minded architecture from the start of the project, to providing code audits regularly during the project evolution. Our skills also cover pentesting, HSM implementation, PKI infrastructures, etc.

Open Source Solutions

In a lot of software projects, using Open Source components or integrating/modifying complex Open Source solutions to the project can decrease your workload significantly. Tokidev has a large experience in this domain and can provide consulting on those aspects too – on the technical side as well as the legal one, such as licensing and license-related legal obligations.

Big Data

Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL databases...) are complex and evolving constantly. We have a strong expertise in this domain and we can help you determine if your project can benefit from those technologies and if it can, how to implement those efficiently.